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Upgrade #9.2: More Around the world in Training & Development
February 06, 2017 eltupgraders
What is a global classroom? How does culture affect training? How do Chinese government schools approach training? What is a TEFL Lemon? …and who is Alan Partridge? In this Upgrade, John & Jake finish their journey around the world with interviews from fascinating trainers from all over the globe. This is our longest and most ambitious episode yet. There is a lot to hear and to spark ideas for you on your own training and development. Check out part 1 to give you some further background and fascinating insights. Part 2 features: • Tracy Yu (China EF DipTESOL Course Director) • Suzanne Savage (Director of Education at International Education Agency of PNG) • Stuart Allen (In your pocket ELT Legend and TEFL Lemon Creator) • Johanna Stirling (NILE Online Academic Manager). Thank you to all the interviewees for sharing to stories and experience with the eltupgraders. You can follow the links below to learn more about out interviewee. http://www.trinitycollege.com/ https://www.nile-elt.com/ The Norwich Institute of Language Learning http://www.tefltraininginstitute.com/ excellent bite sized ideas, blogs, videos and podcasts http://ieapng.net/ International Education Agency of PNG official site www.rayenglish.com jobs, ideas, and other ELT goodness
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